John Samuel Tieman: A Few Brief Words

Slowly the nation awakens to a problem with homicidally racist cops. Apparently it has to come to this.

Vox Populi

To My Friends In The N. R. A.
And Folks Reading This Essay In Starbucks

As I write, there’s more news about the shooting in Dallas. Which blends into the news of the shooting in Orlando. Which blurs into the news of the shooting from – where? The shooting at that church? The shooting at the mall?

There is a tragic sameness to it all. There’s a mass shooting. Then there’s outrage. Folks call for gun control. The N. R. A. blocks all consideration of all measures. Congress gives in, as do state and local politicians. Then there’s a mass shooting …

Can this cycle end? The simple answer is, “Yes.”

The National Rifle Association is by no means a monolith. It does give significant donations to key legislators. But the real political genius of the N. R. A. lies in its strategy, a strategy both simple and effective. Intransigence…

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