Nukes: The Best Toys for a Child Who Can’t be Satisfied


I just returned from a trip to Italy to visit family and friends, and the topic of Donald Trump came up frequently. Many Italians are seriously frightened over what’s going on in this US election cycle. So am I.

Trump, unfortunately for himself and now all of us, is a mentally-afflicted man-child. Mental health professionals argue over what conditions create such a immature narcissist. Many say that childhood neglect and ensuing attachment disorders create such imbalanced and unhappy people. Far above all else, Trump is absolutely consumed with himself, with his image, and with his attainment of status and wealth. Trump has no policy-political recommendations because he’s never been interested in politics. Ergo, he clearly has absolutely no knowledge on this subject, no knowledge of domestic policies or foreign affairs, and seemingly no knowledge of how the American government actually works. He seems to think that as President and King Trump, he will waive his short-fingered hands, issue edicts, and problems will flee. All enemies will instantly become his allies. His claimed contributions to charities are not well-substantiated and usually come with strings attached. He has shown no interest in humanitarian efforts. His claimed business acumen isn’t supported by the facts – yet another Trump casino is closing and he has filed an astonishing six (6) business bankruptcies. Trump demanded that others release their tax returns, yet refuses to release his. The IRS is auditing him for possible evasion. His claims of great wealth, more than 10 billion dollars in net worth, are not supported by objective analysis of his debt-free holdings, and are apparently likely a third or less than his claim. His incredible sensitivity to his frequent claims of “vicious attacks” reflect the fragile self-image of a child who must be constantly reassured that he isn’t a “loser”, no, he is a winner with a really huge fingers, a third trophy wife, and daughters so beautiful that even he would date them if he could. This man with absolutely no past experience, education, or knowledge relevant to the job, this man who lies constantly about others and his own credentials, this xenophobic narcissist, bigot, and misogynist wants badly to be president because the badge is so shiny, and gosh, wouldn’t nukes make great toys? According to Joe Scarborough, Trump has repeatedly asked his foreign policy advisors why the US can’t use its nukes. God help us. Seriously. God help us and the world if this man-child is elected.


One response to “Nukes: The Best Toys for a Child Who Can’t be Satisfied

  1. I’m not worried about Trump and I know that sounds odd. I am very confident that he will not win the election. The polls are misleading at best.


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