Michael Simms: Why I’m With Her

Great piece by Michael Simms, he says it all. And democracy is not a once-every-four-years endeavor; we can work with Bernie and Hillary and Obama to see a more progressive future for our country. If we don’t step it up and drive our future, others will.

Vox Populi

As a supporter of Bernie Sanders, I was disappointed when he lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton. Bernie asked his supporters to help elect Clinton, so out of respect for him, I stepped up as a volunteer in the Hillary campaign even though I wasn’t excited about her. She seemed too much of an insider, an establishment figure, a resume builder, a functionary rather than a visionary. In recent months, however, as I’ve knocked on doors and called people during their dinner hour (sorry, folks!), watched her debate, and learned more about her history of public service, I’ve become convinced that her character and experience make her the most qualified candidate for the presidency in my lifetime. In her support for Civil Rights, Families, Economic Justice, and the Environment, both in her past actions in public office and in her stated positions as a presidential candidate, Hillary has shown…

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