Daniel R. Cobb: Putin Apologizes for Hacking US Election

Who hasn’t had a joke go bad?

Vox Populi

Claims it was a practical joke that got out of hand.

According to detailed notes taken during their private meeting in Hamburg, Germany, the Great American President, Donald Trump, sternly confronted President Vladimir Putin.  At the meeting, Trump asked Putin, “Your Honorable and Presidential Sir Vladimir, did you order anyone to hack into our election last year?  I mean the cable networks, CNN, CIA and NSA, they keeping saying you did. You didn’t do that, did you?”

President Vladimir Putin reportedly lowered his head and confessed on the spot.  “I am so sorry, Donald. Your Excellency, my friend, it was all just a big practical joke! This has been on my conscience for months; I’ve been dying to tell you.  No offense, it worked out for you, yes? But we didn’t mean to help you win!  It all happened like this: We were sitting around, drinking vodka and my head…

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