Daniel R. Cobb: Turn Left Here

Vox Populi

What a god-awful year. 2017 has been a year of anguished outrage and quiet condolences, of trying to find a way to cope with the travesty that brought us Donald Trump and the aftermath. To my Progressive friends out there, and friends who are re-examining their conservative political views: We like to say that America is great and in many ways, it certainly is. But the US is not immune to corruption driven by the power of raw greed. For many people, unrestrained greed, the lust for ever-more wealth becomes over-powering, an all-consuming and unreachable goal. Wealthy politicians are not immune to greed, and this becomes lethal for democracies when those writing the laws, write them exclusively for the benefit of themselves and those in their rarefied class. At the federal level, this is where we are at today. The stratospheric national debt, the threat of national insolvency, the ascendance…

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