We are burdened.  We are thoroughly consumed with everyday life. But true democracy requires our participation in order to work effectively for us.  Voting once every 2 or 4 years is not enough.  Power loves a vacuum and our personal absence from the workings of government draws in those who are happy to usurp that power, namely the very wealthy and the corporations that make it their daily business, through lobbyists, super PACs and dark money, to manipulate our government and rewrite laws to favor them over the needs of everyday citizens. Organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council actually invite corporations to write the legislation that Republican state congressmen and women then carry home to be passed in their states.  And the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement takes this corporatism to a global level, serving powerful, international corporations at the expense of the people, of national sovereignty, of local businesses and the environment. When was the last time 100,000 Americans marched for anything? As citizens, we cannot  afford to be so uninvolved. It’s like leaving our car unattended with our children in the back seat, the motor running, and the driver door wide open.  At the moment, we’re not even passengers. If we hope to have a government that works for us, we need to drive.

I write.


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